Short Story And Author’s Biography Analysis

How is history (or the author’s biography) related to the short story? On your points and ideas by citing lines from the story. Moral ‘Philosophical Approach * Expound * What morality or philosophy in life does the short story teach to its readers? Expound on your points and ideas by citing lines from the story. Formalism Approach * Analyze the elements of the short story. * How do the elements help establish the overall message of the story? Psychoanalytical Approach * Examine the three parts of the major character’s psyche.
Explain how sexuality motivates the behavior and the struggle of the protagonist. * What symbols that are linked to sexual pleasure are made apparent in the story? Archetypal Approach * Identify and analyze the recurring patterns or symbol’s in the story. * Expound Feminist Approach * What female roles are pointed out in the story? * Explain how society imposes gender gap. Marxist Approach * Discuss the struggle within classes (the haves vs.. The have-onto/the elite vs.. The socially impoverished). * How does power remain constant or shift throughout the Tory?
Reader Response Approach * How do you relate with the short story? * What are your personal responses to the short story? NOTE: Regardless of the approach used, the plot of the story should be pointed out. Criteria: Content (Are the questions clearly answered? How in-depth are the responses and discussions?

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Short Story And Author’s Biography Analysis
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