Short Paper: Ethical Issues

Short Paper: Ethical Issues  

Evaluate potential ethical issues that should be considered or guarded against when developing treatment interventions for children or adolescents. Describe steps that should be followed to ensure that potential ethical issues are addressed properly as treatment options are determined and applied.
While the topics vary, your papers, at a minimum, should do the following:
·Answer the question or address the issue(s) described in the instructions.
·Include your perspective, when applicable, and share your opinion or explain your rationale for your position.
·Be sure to support your responses with scholarly research, and include references and citations for material presented that I not your own original work. You can use first person to indicate your opinion (I, my, etc.) in lieu of listing yourself as a source.
Format: Short papers should follow these formatting guidelines: 2–4 pages, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA format.

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Short Paper: Ethical Issues
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Article: NSW Health Frontline Procedures for the Protection of Children and Young People (Paper, Focus on Chapters 7-10)


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