Ship Maintenance

ship maintenance [pic] DECLARATION AND APPROVAL REPORT INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT It is hereby declared and verified that this report entitled: INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT AT KONSORTIUM PELABUHAN KEMAMAN SDN. BHD. by ABDUL AZIM BIN ALIAS, Matrix No. UK 17895 has been examined. This report is submitted to the Department of Maritime Technology as partial fulfillment the requirement of subject of MTM 4992. Approval by: ……………………………………. UMT Supervisor Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Fadhli Bin Ahmad Official Stamp:Date: ……………… ……………………………………. Industrial Training Coordinator Name: En Che Wan Mohd Noor bin Othman
Official Stamp:Date: ………………. DECLARATION I hereby declare that this report entitled INDUSTRY TRAINING REPORT AT KONSORTIUM PELABUHAN KEMAMAN SDN BHD is the writing by my own self. Signature……………………………………… NameABDUL AZIM BIN ALIAS Matrix No. UK 17895 Date30th October 2011 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Alhamdulillah, thanks to the Almighty for kindness to me and Industrial Training program successfully in Kemaman Port Consortium Sdn. Bhd.. (KPK). First of all I wish to thank the infinite to the Dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Science (FMSM) Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) Prof.
Madya Dato’ Dr Saharuddin Bin Dato’ Abdul Hamid, Deputy Dean (Academic & HEP) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Nik  Wan  Mohd Nik Sani, Faculty of Industrial Training Coordinator Datin Norhayati Bt. Hj Shariff, and also to the Supervisor UMT Dr Mohammad Bin Ahmad Fadhli who have provided assistance and guidance in the training industry and provide industry training report. I wish to thank to the KPK particularly the Department of Management (KPK) and the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Science (UMT) on the cooperation and  opportunity.

Industry training program for 12 weeks is required I do, that as one requirement for my graduation in UMT. This program has provided me exposure to the real working world I might face later. God willing, all the knowledge and experience gained will be my full advantage. As a company that has taken the responsibility to train, it appears KPK could very well  play its part in providing training and exposure to me. In a work environment  that was new to me, a sense of responsibility and dedication has encouraged me to complete  this training successfully.
Problem-solving skills and communication skills are two very important elements that I can learn here, and both truly test my skills as a new person in the KPK. Therefore, I will use this experience as the most valuable assets to face the working world in the future. My thanks also to Mr. Alias ?? Bin Zainal (General Manager Traffic and Maintenance Department) and Captain Abdul Razak Bin Embong (Marine Department Manager) for giving full cooperation throughout the program is run. Not forgetting the KPK staff involved, especially all the staff of the Department of Management, Traffic, Finance, and he Marine Department which is mostly old guard does not mean that  information and give knowledge to me. Without their contributions, this program can not be fully accomplished. Finally, thank you once again to everyone and individuals involved in the success of the Industrial Training Program, especially our friends and Mr. Alias ?? Bin Zainal  (Supervisor Organization) for having to monitor and provide appropriate guidance and advice throughout I was in this KPK. May Allah bestow His mercy and give back to them. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
All students Bachelor of Applied Science (Maritime Technology)Intake July 09/08, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Science(FMSM) is required to undergo industrial training for three months, beginning on May 15 until August 4, 2011. During the Industrial Training program at Kemaman Port Consortium Sdn Bhd (KPK) in this period, I was placed in several departments, including Traffic and Maintenance Department and Marine Department. Through participation in this program, I was exposed to the systems of work adopted by the department in carrying out this task and has certainly a lot of experience and workmanship to me.
Many systems of work that I learned while staying at the KPK it includes a Working  System Control Ships for entry in the Port and Working System Control Ships exit in Port (Department of Traffic) and Working System of Pilot operation in the Port  (Marine Department). Through involvement in the daily work that has direct contact with the working system, I not only exposed to office work, but I was also given  exposure through the implementation of tasks outside the office.
All this work requires the cooperation of the system and demand high commitment from all parties and it is essential to enable the KPK to implement and provide the best service and effectively to its customers. Thus, with this Training Program, students will get more exposure on the working world and to understand the challenges of working through the program. In addition, it also helps students learn the systems commonly work as well to add value to the learners themselves. TERM AND CONDITION KPK: Konsortium Pelabuhan Kemaman Sdn Bhd
UMT: Universiti Malaysia Terengganu FMSM: Fakulti Pengajian Maritim Dan Sains Marin LCB: Liquid Chemical Berth EW: East Wharf GWP: Good Warehouse Practice ISO: International Standardized Organisation D. O: Delivery Order ETD: Estimated Time Departure ETA: Estimated Time Arrival CIC: Clerk in Charge WIC: Wharf in Charge GRT: Gross Registered Tonnage FRT: Freightweight Tonnes DT: Displacement Tonne DWT: Deadweight Tonne PAC: Pre-Arrival Clearance. RO: Radio Operator CONTENT TOPIC PAGES DECLARATION AND APPROVAL REPORT I
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT III EXECUTIVE SUMMARYV TERM AND CONDITION VI CONTENT VII FIGURE LIST IX CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Background of Organization1 1. 2 KPK Organization Chart3 1. 3 Services at Kemaman Port Consortium(Core Business)4 1. 3. 1 Facilities Provided by KPK 4 1. 3. 2 Services Provided by KPK 6 1. 4 Map and Description of Kemaman Port Consortium 8 CHAPTER 2 TRAINING DESCRIPTION 2. 1Training at Traffic & Maintenance Department10 2. 2Training at Marine Department14 CHAPTER 3 WORK SYSTEM THAT LEARNED 3. WORK FLOW CHART: Pre-Arrival Clearance Vessel Process17 3. 1. 1Problem in Working System21 3. 1. 2Problem Solving Suggestion21 3. 2 WORK FLOW CHART : Inward Vessel Process 22 3. 2. 1Problem in Working System26 3. 2. 2Problem Solving Suggestion26 3. 3 WORK FLOW CHART : Pilot Operation Working Process27 3. 3. 1Problem in Working System31 3. 3. 2Problem Solving Suggestion31 CHAPTER 4 : EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS 4. 1 Summary of Experience and Skills 32 4. 2 Relationship Between The Knowledge and Theory in UMT33 4. Contribution by Student and Organization33 4. 4 The Network Relationship will be Provide34 CHAPTER 5 : PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS 35 CHAPTER 6 : DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION 37 CHAPTER 7 : OVERALL SUMMARY OF TRAINING INDUSTRIAL40 REFFERENCES 41 APPENDIX 40 1. Lampiran A: Second Schedule for Notice of Arrival 2. Lampiran B: Letter of Indemnity 3. Lampiran C: Cargoes Manifest by Custom 4. Lampiran D: International Ship & Port Safety (ISPS) form 5. Lampiran E: Crew List 6. Lampiran F: Stowage Plan 7. Lampiran G: Estimate Charge . Lampiran H: PAC certificate 9. Lampiran I: Pilot Note 10. Lampiran J: Ship Files FIGURE LIST LIST PAGES 1. Rajah 1. 1 : Organization Chart 3 2. Rajah 1. 2 : Machinery Equipment List 5 3. Rajah 1. 3 : KPK Description and Map 8 4. Rajah 2. 1 : Industrial Training Schedule9 5. Rajah 2. 2 : Trainees measure freight yard tenants 12 6. Rajah 2. 3 : Trainees involved the loading cargo operation 13 7. Rajah 2. : The process of supplying a fresh water to ship 13 8. Rajah 2. 5 : Trainees follow the pilot to took the ship 15 9. Rajah 2. 6 : The services by tug boat 15 10. Rajah 6. 1 : KPK SWOT Analysis 38 11. Rajah 6. 3 : The target growth of Total Cargo (MT) 39 12. Rajah 6. 4 : The target total benefits (M) 39 ———————– DEPARTMENT OF MARITIME TECHNOLOGY FACULTY OF MARITIME STUDIES AND MARINE SCIENCE

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