Shelley Brough

Shelley R. Brough CDA-Competency Statement #1: February 9,2013 To Establish and Maintain a Safe, Healthy Learning Environment Functional Area #1: Safe My goal in the functional area of safe is to provide a safe indoor and outdoor environment. Young infants are placed on their backs when they are sleeping. The crib is free of blankets, toys, or other soft materials that could cause suffocation. Mobile infants are kept safe by making sure that there isn’t anything that is small enough they could put in their mouths and swallow.
Toys are checked daily for broken or loose parts. Toddlers are kept safe by showing them the proper use of toys. They are encouraged to follow safety rules such as walking instead of running and sitting on a chair instead of climbing on it. As a child care provider I always have to check toys and playground equipment for any damages that may injury the children in my care, not only do I have to check toys and equipment I must check under toys outside for any creatures that may harm any of the children in my care.
I am always giving gentle reminders of the rules that will keep them safe. Functional Area #2: Healthy My goal in the functional area of healthy is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Young infants are kept healthy by washing hands of both the caregiver and the child before and after every diaper change as well as sanitizing the changing table. Disposable gloves are used for the diapering process. Mobile infants are kept healthy by cleaning and sanitizing play areas daily.

Mouthed toys are immediately removed from the play area for later cleaning. To keep toddlers healthy, nutritious meals are planned . Good eating habits are modeled and the child is encouraged to eat new foods. Parents of children in our care are to provide a clean blanket and mat cover each week. We teach the children that their blankets and pillows are for nap time only and we do not pull them out till it is nap time. Each child has their own cubby for personal items and everything is labeled. Functional Area #3: Learning Environment
My goal in the functional area of learning environment is to provide a stimulating learning environment that promotes independence. Young infants are given the opportunity for tummy time to develop the strength to hold their heads up. Mobile infants are given the opportunity to explore their environment by creeping and crawling but do so under supervision. Toddlers’ learning environment includes creating a day to day routine for them as regular meal times, play times and rest times. This allows them to know what to expect.

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Shelley Brough
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