Senior Year – Memory Book

The final year of high school has now come. When my parent’s told me that high school would fly by, they weren’t kidding. I never put much thought into the fact that high school is a mere four years of my life. In the grand scheme of things, it’s hardly any time at all. Although It really did fly by, I have enough memories to last a lifetime. I remember walking through the doors on my very first day of school as a freshman. I walked into room 315 and sat down in my first period class. It was world history and Mrs.. Francis was my teacher. I sat down, scared out of my mind, and waited for the bell to ring.
That first bell tone signified the beginning of my high school career. My schedule was extremely easy first semester. I had Foods, Business Management, Consumer De, Lunch, Gym, Warrior Warehouse, English and Algebra 2. I had some incredible teachers, which included Mrs.. Tradeoff, Mr.. Gross, Mrs.. Burr, Mrs.. Chart and Mr.. Mere. I have had so much fun and I loved having each of them. When second semester rolled around, It wasn’t so easy. I only had four real classes, but a few of them were tough. My schedule went along the lines of Foods, Government, College Com H, Lunch, CICS, Warrior Warehouse, Gym, and Algebra 2.
This year I was lucky enough to have Mrs.. Tradeoff, Mr.. Burr, Mrs.. Myers, Mr.. Hosking’s and Mr.. Myrrh. They have been one amazing group of teachers. I learned so much from each and every one of them and I could not thank them enough. The beginning of my senior year, I was asked to be in the warrior warehouse Instead of having a study hall. Mr.. V called me down to his office and I remember being so scared because I never even knew where his office was. He then asked me to be In there and I said yes. I was thrilled because I have always thought I was a great leader and knew that I had a full Job to take on.

It was my responsibility to make ere I did not let anyone steal and when a problem occurred I let Mr.. V know Immediately. It was such an honor that he asked me to be In there and let alone ask me again for the rest of the year. High school has been an emotional roller coaster for me. Eve stayed up until two a. M. Working on assignments, crying over boys, and deciding what to wear for picture day. I have met and lost friends throughout my four-year Journey, and I have changed more than I ever thought I would. However, the most important part of high school has been learning who I am. As cliché© as it may sound, high school is the place where
I found myself. Eve flourished with my strengths and struggled with my weaknesses. Though it was difficult at times, and I wanted to give up often, It was all worth It. High school has been full of crazy events, From the SST. Baldric’s day rallies to the four and a half hour ACT, it has been one memorable journey. T Off It seems like only yesterday I was reading Romeo and Juliet in Mr.. Rebecca English class. Now, I am Just months away from graduating and starting my life. My grandpa once told me that I would spend four years trying to get out of high school, and the rest of my life trying to get back in.
He was exactly right. I thought high school would be a drag and I would never get out. Being Just months away from graduating, I wish I could start all over. Although it has been an incredibly dramatic and emotional Journey for me, I don’t regret a single moment of my high school career. I have had the chance to meet some amazing students and teachers. I have coasted through classes, and I have been pushed to my limit. I learned that learning has no boundaries and the things I learn in school will definitely come into play later in life. I Just wish I had taken a second to stop and look around. High school really did fly by.

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Senior Year – Memory Book
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