You must assemble the scrapbook as follows:
1. Provide a title with course and personal information.
2. Provide a table of contents of your scrapbook.
3. Choose five (5) topics that appeal to you the most, and provide the following items for each one:

One picture (graphic format is not important) that you believe best captures the concept.
Two Web sites with two to three sentences that describe the Web site for each concept
One article summary (the article must be at least two pages in length)from a peer-reviewed journal for each concept you choose. You must include a means of gaining access to a copy of the article (e.g., the appropriate doi or an active hyperlink) in the references section.
Three to five paragraphs describing why you chose the pictures, Web sites, and articles for each concept.

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4. A five- to seven-page (double-spaced) personal reflection paper. You must include at least two references (citations within the paper). The reflection paper is your chance to describe how you interpret and understand the material. Include any thoughts about how you perceive you can use the information learned from the course.


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