Science paper and presentation assignment

Please read below assignment instructions before placing your bid. “This assignment has 2 parts.”

Part 1
This assigned project will be a presentation for your classmates. The presentation will be based on a research project/topic picked by you. The research you do can be original research, research that repeats something that has been done before (such as a simple experiment discussed in a class), or a literature search.

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Science paper and presentation assignment
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You may choose anything that interests you for the topic, but everyone must choose a different topic (first come, first served). Once you decide on a topic, you will write a proposal. Your instructor will review your proposal to ensure that your procedure will meet the content requirements.  Next you will conduct your study, present your research, and write a 1 to 2-page paper that outlines your research/project. 

The proposal needs to include the following:
1. Your research question. What do you intend to do or answer?
2. Why did you choose this topic, is there a reason you chose this topic?
3. What is your hypothesis?  What are you expecting to find?
4. How you intend to accomplish answering your question.
i. For research, state your procedure exactly as you intend to carry it out
ii. For a literature search, list your keywords and your outline. 


Part 2

You must turn in a 1 to 2-page paper on your experiment or your final literature search results.  This paper must include all references used and cited in proper MLA or APA format. Paper must be submitted by deadline.
In addition, your paper must address all of the following requirements:
1. Research followed standard scientific procedure whether original research or literature search.
2. Explains background of topic.
3. Explains experiment and results
4. Presents accurate conclusions based on data
5. Research showed limited bias
6. Used a minimum of 3 peer reviewed sources.
7. College level writing proper grammar and minimal spelling errors.

After conducting your study prepare your presentation. Presentation style chosen should be effective for type of research.
Your presentation must address all of the following requirements:
1. Explain the topic background.
2. Explain your procedure.
3. Explain your results.
4. Questions encourage further discussion.
5. Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed papers used to gather background information on your topic or used to interpret results. Include three questions or areas of discussion for your classmates. 

Your presentation can include any media including PowerPoint, video created by you e.g., videotaped demonstration, etc.  
Creativity is encouraged.  

PAPER AND PRESENTATION DEADLINE IS 5/24/2018 by 11:00 pm est


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