School Dress Code

School uniforms give the identity of the school. A certain design, style of a uniform initially gives an impression about the school. Usually, schools which require their student to wear coat and tie every day are dubbed as the exclusive schools. In America, those schools which have uniforms are private schools and somehow provide a status symbol for people. The aesthetics of a school uniform is just a bonus. A school uniform provides formality in education. This is why the teachers and the staff in an educational institution also wear uniforms.
However, the public schools in the country do not require their students to wear uniforms. Instead, they just wear casual clothes to school (Brunsma, 2004, p. 50). The importance of having school uniforms is highlighted when it comes to the safety of the students. It is relevant that the student be given school uniform for easier identification when outside of the school campus. A modified school uniform per year level will also help. An example of this would be providing color-coded ribbons for each grade school.
This will better help in identifying the students especially in a big school. In school gatherings and announcements, this helps in organizing the students in such big events (Brunsma, 2004, p. 55). When outside the campus, a student in uniform can easily be identified if he or she should be in or outside the campus. Once caught, the school can easily take action for the student’s wrongdoings. Thus, uniforms help make the administration’s jobs easier in maintaining the discipline of the students.

It will also give the students a second thought on cutting classes and doing nasty things especially when they are carrying their school’s name. Although this may be just a glitch, the problem that will probably be faced in having a school uniform is that it will somehow give more schoolwork to the institution. With these being said, it is just important that schools have uniforms. The above reasons are more than enough to justify the importance of school uniforms.

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School Dress Code
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