sales and marketing

Branding involves creating a logo, name, or other recognizable images in the consumers mind to form a significant presence in the marketplace. It differs from marketing but is a major element in advertising campaigns and provides consistent themes that help to attract and retain customers.

Learn what branding is and how it is defined.

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sales and marketing
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Complete the tutorial Branding Fundamentals, Section 1 and 2.

Investigate expressing and communicating brand.

Complete the tutorial Branding Fundamentals, Section 3, 4,and 5.
Read section in Chapter 11 of ebook on branding.

Investigate how to measure brand performance.

Complete the tutorial Branding Fundamentals, Section 6 and conclusion.

Select ONE company with a well-known branding campaign such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, McDonald’s, and others. Start by checking out Forbes’ site on the World’s Most Valuable Brands.  
Develop an infographic that shows: what the branding is, what the company did to brand itself that it stands out from others in the field, why it is effective and any other information that is interesting and helpful. You will submit your infographic for grading. However, also bring the infographic to the Lesson where you will use it as your marketing team designs the brand for your own company and product/service.
Submit your infographic here


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