I need a power point presentation of the article I have attached.  
follow the instructions below .
1. 5-10 minute mini-lesson reiterating what the foundational question was addressed by the paper and then providing background context for the paper and summarizing the key question(s), methods, results, and conclusions. This should incorporate a PowerPoint presentation with the most pertinent (not necessarily all) information and figures…just hit the most relevant items. Try not to provide critique or opinions about the paper during the summary.
2. Facilitate discussion about the paper. Here are some tips (in no particular order) of things you might want to include in your discussion:
a. Try not to let your opinion of the paper dominate the discussion. Encourage everyone to contribute his or her thoughts.
b. Solicit people’s opinions of what they found to be the strongest or weakest parts of the paper. You can ask for everyone to respond, or specific individuals (but spread the love a little).
c. Ask for people to share what confusions they had, or what they thought was unclear. 
d. Discuss whether the authors achieved what they set out to do and whether their conclusions were meaningful, reasonably “within the bounds of their data”, and/or important or generalizable to other topics.
e. You can ask people what they would have done differently for this study, or helpful follow-up studies that could be pursued.
f. Ask the group what research questions arose in their minds while reading the article(s).
Try to conclude with a brief summary of what ideas/conclusions were produced/shared during the article discussion you just led 
I need it after 12 hours 
power point presentation and the script of it I mean what I will say on it word by word. and some questions to lead the discussion.
Thank you

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