Robot: Human Anatomy and Bionic Humans

Robot Is having a bionic man all that great? No it is not. In the article “He, Robot the High-tech Future of the Human Body,” By Alexandra Sifferlin, she states that it is an improvement. In reality it is not the greatest thing in the world. They say bionic humans and bionic internal body parts could replace failing one. What if they malfunction or just stop working? What if the surgery does not go through and the patient dies? They are taking extremely big risks with the bionic human.
Also what if the robots replace the working society? Does that mean we lose our jobs? Bionic limbs do help us and can be good for those who lost their limbs; but could we really trust an artificial replacement organ. “Kidney failure, for example, could be a nonissue if researchers…create a working artificial replacement organ,” (Sifferlin). Also what if these new bionic robots take over or work force? According to this article they are full functioning and can do the same as a human can do.
They can see, walk, pump blood, move and use all limbs. They are trying to make more advanced ones. “We are approaching a point where technology can fully replace a functionality of the human body,” (Sifferlin). Another problem with the bionic human is cost. They spent $1 million on “Rex” in the UK. How much are we willing to spend on Bionic body parts and Bionic humans? The last thing we need to take into consideration is could the bionic human and body parts cause issues with peoples religious views.

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Robot: Human Anatomy and Bionic Humans
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