Revision Test Script

The test script is divided into the test script, which is the generic condition to be 
tested, and one or more test cases within the test script. Provide a test script and test case for at
 least 3 of your requirements identified in your requirements specification. Provide the following format:

Test script:
Test script ID
Test description (generic condition being tested)
System or subsystem being tested
Type of test (functional, security, performance)
Input data sources
Expected results
Priority (mandatory or critical; important; desirable)
Pass/Fail criteria (allowable delta between degree of mismatch between actual and expected results)
Traceability (ties back to functions, modules, data structures)
Test Case:
Test Case ID and test script number (which script this test case is exercising)
Input test transaction data values
Initial environment and configuration, initial state of system required for this test
Test driver ID (if a real driver is needed)
Expected results (output test data values)
Ensure that the Word document follows this format and that actual SRSs you identified in your original SRS specification are being identified in the test script/case.

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Revision Test Script
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APA please follow format listed attachment is project history and sample of assignment needed.


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