Revision #1774817 Topic: PICO(T) Evidence Review 2

From the client,
Please kindly inform the writer to use the five articles that I uploaded to this assignment. the step 1 in this assignment is already done. this instruction was included in the request. 

? Section 1 – Practice Problem, PICO(T), Evidence, this part it’s already done by me and I uploaded into this assignment. Name: PICO_Evidence_Review_0.doc
Type: Order Files
Please have the writer use this information to work on ? Section 2 – Narrative Evidence Review – utilize faculty, critique assignment, and Modules 4-9 to describe the evidence, identify strengths and weaknesses, and construct a table
? Section 3 – Evidence Synthesis – utilize faculty and Module 10 to examine consistency within the evidence and construct a summary rating table
? Section 4 – Gaps -utilize faculty and Module 10 to identify evidence gaps
? Section 5 – Recommendation – utilize faculty, Discussion Board 4, and Modules 11-15 to discuss practice recommendations and evidence translation
Please focus on Narrative Evidence Review which counts 12 points. 

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Revision #1774817 Topic: PICO(T) Evidence Review 2
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