review articles, 100-150 words for each

Please review those 7 articles and  provide a summary of the findings of the article and why it is relevant to my research question– Barriers to health care access for low income( my research question).  Each annotation should be between 150-200 words.
For the purpose of this course, the annotated bibliography sets the foundation for understanding what aspects of the health disparity in the given population need to be explored in your infographic and what are the relevant facts and statistics must be highlighted 

1.  Hsu, C,C., Lee, C,H., Wahlqvist, M, L., Huang, H, L., Chang, H,Y., & Chen, L., (2012). Poverty Increases Type 2 Diabetes Incidence And Inequality Of Care Despite Universal Health Coverage, Diabetes Care. 35(11)

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review articles, 100-150 words for each
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2. Anonymous., Access To Care. (2011). Health At A Glance, 130-145.

3. Khullar,D., Chokshi, D, A,. (2018). Health, Income, & Poverty: Where We Are & What Could Help. Health Affairs
4. Hodgkinson,S., Godoy, L., Beers, L, S,. Lewin, A. (2017). Improving Mental Health Access for Low-Income Children and Families in the Primary Care Setting. Pediarics. 139(1)
5. Syed, S, T., Gerber, B, S., Sharp, L, K. (2013). Traveling Towards Disease: Transportation Barriers to Health Care Access. J Community Haelth. 38(5). 976–993

6. Woolf, S, H., Aron, L., Dubay, L., Simon, S,M., Zimmerman, E., Luk, K, X. How are income and wealth linked to health and longevity. Income and Health Initiative. Mcleod, C, B., Lavis, J, N., Macnab, Y,C. & Hertzman, C. (2012).
7. Unemployment and Mortality: A Comparative Study of Germany and the United States. Am J Public health.  102(8).


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