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In this section we continue to explore economic critiques and alternatives. Please respond to the following prompt.
Part 1 – Describe two models for more sustainable and just production and/or consumption as provided in the course materials. What alternatives are presented, and what are they hoping to address? What, if anything, may be gained or lost by this alternative?
Part 2 – Speculate on what you can learn from these models, and then write a hypothetical plan for applying these models in your own communities. What would your end goal(s) be? What resources (people, financial etc) can you access? What resources would you need to gain? What challenges might come your way, and how would you overcome them? What would your first step be?
As always, please cite your sources.

Mr. Michael Lewis @ RIPESSS anila 2013 “Seikatsu Club of Japan”: 

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Bill Maurer – Alternative Currencies: 

Bernard Lietaer – TEDxBerlin – Why the crisis? And what to do about it?: 

Right Livelihood Award – Grameen Shakti – Renewable Energy for Poor – 2007: 


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