What would my vote be for “The Space Traders” and why? Will my vote would be no, I wouldn’t let the aliens take a whole race of people that being African American. This seems like we would be going back in time. Our society has come a long way and trading a whole race seems like slavery to me. Also what gives the right for other races to vote a whole race out of existences? Each race has contributed something to our society in America. One in particular is African Americans and from 1501-1995 Enslaved blacks has largely contributed to American culture but where not greatly appreciated. “Africanisms varying from traditional folklore, Southern cuisine to song and dance are not only prevalent in today’s society but have a widespread, deep-rooted impact throughout the United States.” The African Americans that were enslaved were forced to leave behind traditional customs, spiritual rituals and cultural artifacts. They had to quickly adapt to the realm of America. Africans have contributed to the economics, wealth and culture of the U.S. but they have received little to no recognition. Here are a few things that they have contributed to America is their agriculture, southern cuisine, nursery rhymes and indigenous song and dance. Besides supplying the labor and skills they brought the first rice seeds over to the New World and successfully transmit it. They were able to use three indispensable systems that being ground water, springs and soil moisture reservation. Second thing is their southern cuisine “At the time of the trans-Atlantic voyage, black-eyed peas, okra, kidney and lima beans were gathered and collected in Africa for enslaved Africans upon the voyage into the New World.” Popular African dishes that have become part of American food culture are deep frying, gumbo and fufu and millet bread also known as cornbread. The third thing is nursery rhymes they brought over stories such as Chicken Little, Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox. “African stories, fables and oratory traditions have been embedded into American culture, providing a childhood infrastructure for learning and development through the use of nursery rhymes.” The forth thing they have contributed to America are their indigenous song and dance but as an obscured form of communication “Masters” had banned African Americans from using drums. So enslaved African Americans started to use hand clapping and feet tapping because of the hand clapping and feet tapping rhythmic songs and dance became part of the New World which also included the shuffles, breakdowns, jigs and the strut. Enslaved Africans also brought over spiritual songs and the blues. These are just a few things that African American culture has contributed to America. This is why I wouldn’t vote yes for the aliens to take a whole race away.
 Terrell Dontaira “The Untold Impact of African Culture on American Culture” atlantablackstar

The Untold Impact of African Culture on American Culture

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After watching “The Space Traders”, I felt disgusted. I would most definitely vote no to the trade. I think that the reason why I would vote no is because I know so many people who are black and I can say that I can’t live without them. This is a question of ethics, send up african americans into space for a cleaner environment. The criteria that I would use for my decision would be viewing the problem, then weighing my options to that problem, then I would question both options to make sure that I am choosing right, then I would choose accordingly based on my gut feelings. In the Concordia University Saint Paul website on 7 Steps of the Decision Making Process there were seven helpful steps, “identify the decision, gather information, identify alternatives weigh the evidence, take action, and review your decision.” I chose to change this criteria to fit my personality based off the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I am an INFP and since N means intuition, I tend to go with my gut feelings. With this decision I would figure out that the aliens want the African Americans in exchange for a cleaner environment. The options are keeping the African Americans and have the environment be the same or give them all away to aliens and have a clean environment. Then I would question, Are the aliens telling the truth? Are sending the African Americans away? What would my kids think of me if I send them away? What would be the good if the African Americans were taken? What would be the bad? Is this an ethical question? After all of the questions I make a decision on what I think is right. My decision is an ethical decision because I would also wonder if I was one of the people being taken, what would I vote for. Therefore, I would most definitely vote “no”.
7 Steps of the Decision Making Process.” Concordia University, Saint Paul Online, 10 Feb. 2017,


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