Research Trends in the Academy of Management Publications

Research trends in the Academy of Management publications In order to reach the organization’s goals, management acts its way by its techniques and topics that is essential for the success of the company. There are a lot of changes and improvements that can cause to the disappearance of the management topics and techniques that organizations use for its own benefit. I appreciate reading this article that somehow updates us on what is happening on management topics, why do these topics disappear, stays, and re-emerge, and what are the common techniques used by the management of each organizations.
The first hypothesis about the management topics says that some are historic and that they emerged then died out over time. People nowadays are very trendy and they tend to imitate what are the topics most popular in their environment. These people study and use those topics that make them think can fit in into the society. Just like in business, management topics also undergo a cycle. At first they will grow slowly, and then they will burst till they reach their peak point where a lot of people patronize their services/products.
Sooner or later, their business fades as the people who first patronize their products discover new ones that are trending and popular in the society. Because of this, they try to change and develop new products that would satisfy the wants and needs of the consumers leading to the disappearance of the first products they made. I can’t say that each management techniques are perfect, so if there are new ideas that are developed due to the experiences of each organizations and curiosity of mankind trying to improve and upgrade that specific technique, then that management technique disappears and being replaced by a new and better one.

The second hypothesis tells that some management topics are classical and have become institutionalized over time. Even though people nowadays are conscious with the topics that are popular nowadays, there are others who give importance to these topics. Some topics are so significant that organizations do not want to remove them for those topics leads their business to success. These management topics give them ideas on how they will operate their business to become stable in the industry. Most usinessmen now continue to use and development these management topics because they believe that this can help them in achieving their success. These are their tools to reach their organizational objectives and accomplishments. If these techniques continue to help organizations then these will never fade out and will continue to be institutionalized making these topics stay for a long period of time. The third hypothesis states that some management topics are resurgent in that they emerged, died out, and then re-emerged over time.
There are a lot of techniques that could help these topics to become useful again. With comprehensive study and analysis, these topics will soon be popularized and then used from generation to generation. This hypothesis challenges the researchers to do better study and brainstorming in order to have creative ideas on how they can develop these management topics. All things need improvement in order to fit in into society. Because, we humans, are not easily contented of what we have and can always find ways in creating other ideas better than the other.
Some researching think they have created new ideas but had already emerged in the past but disappeared. Most companies make innovations on their products/services offered in the market in order to provide continuous satisfaction to the consumers. And so with this management topic, it needs further study and development to be continuously useful in the world of management. Management topics evolve like businesses do. They both undergo the same process cycle. At first is the birth of the keyword or topic then next is their growth until they reach their maturity where most of the people use it or the topic became popular.
The cycle doesn’t end here but it continues to its post-maturity stage where its usefulness to the society declines. But with our generation nowadays, people are intellectual enough to explore new discoveries to satisfy the needs and wants of the society. And with this, it makes the management topic become more stable and continue to provide more knowledge to the researchers and readers. Having adequate knowledge about the history of these management topics we have right now makes each researchers and readers more interested on the topic.
Some may show lack of interest but once they go deeper to the history about these management topics, they would find it really amazing on how this were useful to the industry and very effective on every organization. This study is very helpful to researchers that really want to know more about management because it is part of their study to keep track of the trends in the field of management. We can never reach our future if we do not know our history. Same goes with studying management, reaching the finish line of this field is impossible unless we learn and study its history.

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Research Trends in the Academy of Management Publications
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