research about the king of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdulaziz i need it within 12 hours

Leader Analysis Paper: king of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdulaziz

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research about the king of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdulaziz i need it within 12 hours
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LEAD 200 students will choose and conduct a leader assessment of a public person (not a relative or friend). The public person is either historic or currently living. Students must have the person of their analysis approved by the instructor. Here are the requirements of this leader analysis:

1. Use APA style in writing your paper, Times New Roman, 12-pitch font, double spaced, one inch margins top, bottom and sides, cover page and reference page, with no abstract page required.

 2. Students must cite three primary sources in the bibliography. A primary source is a book on that person, an article out of an academic journal (Newsweek, US New and World Report, Time, etc. are NOT academic journals) or another written essay on that person. The key is use publications created by authors who directly observed the public figure. Internet articles are usually not primary sources!

3. Students evaluate their leader by analyzing the leader’s behaviors using the Five Practices of Effective Leaders by Kouzes and Posner; Students should have approximately three quarters of a page of analysis for each of the five practices.

 4. Students must describe how their leader illustrated one leadership approach studied during the course of this semester. For example, Abraham Lincoln’s leadership style was more relational than task focused. This analysis should take approximately half of a page.

5. Speculate on this person’s DISC profile and the four-letter personality profile. Provide a summary of what you believe or what you have research, based on your research, what their DISC profile would represent, and their probable personality profile (four-letter code) and of course information supporting your assessment. This should take approximately half of a page. 6. Students should also provide a brief overview and summary of their paper and leader. The introduction should include a short personal history about the leader such as where they were born, where they grew up, challenges in their life, etc. This should be no more than one page for both the introduction and conclusion. 4

7. The total length of this analysis paper is approximately six pages of written text, plus or minus one page.



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