Refusal Letter Regarding Rising Phoenix Team Sinks Application

In this Refusal Letter, we have to do the Indirect Refusal Letter for the Rising Phoneix Team Sinks Application.

This homework is due tomorrow 11/27/2019 at 4:00 PM.

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Refusal Letter Regarding Rising Phoenix Team Sinks Application
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Indirect Refusal:
 Scenario: Request Refusal: Rising Phoenix Team
Sinks Application
 Format: Email; use Block format only; see page
147 for help with email format
 Review sample indirect negative message on
page 154, figure 6.7, for content development
and organization help.

This is the scenario below:
 III. Indirect Request Refusal: Rising Phoenix Team Sinks ApplicationAdobe Systems Incorporated is known for its community involvement and corporate social responsibility efforts. This is why, like most large companies, the software giant receives many requests for sponsorship of charity events and community projects. True to its innovative spirit, the software company has streamlined the application process by providing an online sponsorship request form on its website. You work in Corporate Affairs /Community Relations at Adobe and periodically help decide which non-profits obtain support. Just yesterday you received an e-mail from Rising Phoenix of Portland Oregon, a dragon boat racing team of breast cancer survivors. The ancient Chinese sport has spread around the globe with competitions held not only in Asia but also in many Western countries. Dragon boat racing has gained popularity in North America among breast cancer patients who bond with fellow survivors, engage in healthy competition, and exercise regularly on the water.
 Synchronicity and technique are more important than brute strength, which is the main reason even recreational paddlers enjoy this fast-growing water sport. The survivor team would like Adobe to sponsor a dragon boat festival in Portland in less than a month, an event potentially drawing at least 20 survivor teams that would compete against each other. Your company is already funding several cancer charities and has a policy of sponsoring many causes. Naturally, no corporate giving program has infinite funds, nor can it green-light every request. Adobe steers clear of religious, political, and “pornographic” events. The team judging the sponsorship entries wants to ensure that each proposal reaches audiences affiliated with Adobe. Most important, applicants must submit their requests at least six weeks before the event. 
Your Task: As a junior staff member of Corporate Affairs /Community Relations, write an email to the Rising Phoenix captain Jenny Johnson ([email protected] refusing her request and explaining the Adobe sponsorship philosophy and submission rules.

For further reference, I’ve attached the page 147 and page 154.


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