Reflection Essay on Nature vs Nurture

NATURE NURTURE l. Human development Is based in 2 assumptions A. Having the capacity to become a member of human society B. Becoming a social being through Interaction II. Nature and Nurture A. Nature biological factors implies the contribution of heredity to the human being human potential determiner examples: height, weight, health B. Nurture social environment all things that influence affects our human potential examples: nutrition, emotional experiences, psychological experiences
Ill. The effects of nature and nurture are Inseparable. A. There Is an Interaction that exists between the 2. Example: Intelligence Nature- inherited through genes (could either be musical, verbal, mathematical, etc. L one may have a complex mix Nurture-factors that may affect intelligence: diet, exercise, environment ‘V. Social Isolation- depriving human beings from social experience – through this we can see the crucial role of social experience to human development -Sociologist
Kinsley Davis A. Sociable’s Case- a 6 yr. Old child, with rickets, was raised by her mute and deaf mother In her grandfather’s attic B. Anna’s Case- a child who was isolated and shut- off from her family V. Feral Children- untamed, savage, and wild – suffered from extreme social isolation -has lived away from human contact from a very young age -raised in the wild by wild animals – Richard P. Appellate and William J. Chemicals (1997) A.

Genie’s Case- a child who was raised in near isolation for the first twelve years of her life B. Victor’s Case- a French feral child who spent his majority of childhood in the woods VI. Institutionalized Children- Rene Spits (1945) A. Compared the Infants In an orphanage with those In the In a women’s prison nurseries W. Harrow Study- “Monkey Love Experiment” by Harry Harrow (1 sass) A. Infants and intimacy than from their need for milk. B. Love is vital for normal childhood development.

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Reflection Essay on Nature vs Nurture
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