By this time you should have done a fair amount of research and read several resources. Write an outline of your paper that includes the headings and an overview of the major areas of discussion/content. An outline would look something like this:

Existential questions and religion

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Existence and Hinduism


Existence and Christianity

Annotated Bibliography
Include, on a separate page, an annotated bibliography with your list of sources.
A typical example might look like this (normally double-spaced):
King, Winston L. “The Existential Nature of Buddhist Ultimates.” Philosophy of East and West 33.3 (1983): 263–271. Print.
In this paper, the author evaluates the way in which the Buddhist treatment of existential questions has evolved over time. Buddha spent little time positing answers to metaphysical quandaries, but more contemporary Buddhist practitioners have ventured to develop responses to questions about what exists and why. The author considers whether modern Buddhism has altogether abandoned its classic roots, concluding it has not. He then evaluates the role emptiness plays in Buddhist ontology.
For more information about annotated bibliographies review the information at the Writing Center at the University of North Carolina. For additional details refer to the Milestone Two Outline and Annotated Bibliography Guidelines and Rubric document.


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