Reading frist – writing second (4-5) pages

You need to  turn in one brief description of the assigned readings and an analysis of them. Your summary will be less than one page; the majority of the paper will focus on analyzing readings, comparing and contrasting readings, and adding in two additional scholarly sources to further develop your ideas on the given topic. The paper will be 4-5 pages long.
Century Font, 1.5 spac
ing, 1 inch margins, page numbers (lower right), APA citation style (no abstracts  necessary unless otherwise instructed)
Things to avoid: 
• Making a claim that is not substantiated by the 
evidence that you have reviewed  in the paper; 
•Making over-the -top claims about how something will change the world we live in 
and people will live happily ever after (this is an academic piece of writing, 
not an editorial column in a newspaper; be object
ive and stick to the facts!) 
• Repeating word for word something you have already said; 
•avoid the phrase ‘further research should be carried out’ unless you have a 
specific idea what this research should be addressing.

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Reading frist – writing second (4-5) pages
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