Race, Ethnicity, and Health

Race and ethnicity are important aspects of inequality and serve as dimensions of health disparity in the U.S.
Select one minority group (African Americans, Asians, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Alaskan Natives, or Hispanics) and create a brief profile of this group that addresses the following questions and points:

 Describe the demographic characteristics of this group including size, recent growth, and geographic concentration.

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Race, Ethnicity, and Health
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 Use indicators of population health (e.g, life expectancy, infant mortality) to provide an overview of the health of this group.

What specific health challenges face this group?

What causal mechanisms are most relevant for any health challenges or disparities faced by this group? 

Suggest one medical or public health intervention that might be used to improve the health of this group.

Links to examine: Profile information is available on the Office on Minority Health https://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/ Click Policy and Data to find Minority Population Profiles.

For full credit: Your essay must be 2-3 pages long, Text should be double-spaced Font must be Times New Roman, 12 pt All margins must be 1 inch Draw upon material presented in lecture and readings. You may use additional sources as long as you cite them (use APA style


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