1. When you have something that is valuable to you, action is taken to protect it, well, companies are no different. Safe guarding company assets are a top priority to prevent theft and losses within the company, and at the top of the list is cash. However, companies are not only responsible for protecting their assets, they must also act to protect the trust investors and other stakeholders have placed in management: 
a. What level of internal controls is consider to be adequate in a company? 75 words
b. What are effective controls for cash and why are these controls considered to be effective? 75 words
2. What is fraud and how does it occur?  Within your discussion, incorporate the fraud triangle. 75 words
3. There are three elements to the fraud triangle.  Fraud will occur if at least two of those elements are present.  Provide an example of fraud you have either witnessed from your work or heard about in the news and indicate which two elements of the fraud triangle were present in the situation. 75 words
4. How have the new rules in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 affected the way accounting departments and companies operate? 75 words
5. What are some positive outcomes from the new rules in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 changes? 75 words
6. The Six principles of control activities are: 
· Establishment of responsibility
· Segregation of duties
· Documentation procedures
· Physical controls
· Independent internal verification
· Human resource controls.  
Pick one of the control activities and describe why it is important.  75 words
7. Provide an example of one of the control activities in your workplace or where it should be implemented in your workplace. How does one of the control activities for cash receipts help prevent fraud? 75 words

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