Quantitative Reasoning II Project: Selecting a topic

Quantitative Reasoning II Project: Selecting a Topic

Due Dec 03, 5:59 PM
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Quantitative Reasoning II Project: Selecting a topic
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Assignment Files

The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about what types of data-oriented problems you will be solving in your chosen career. In this assignment, you will select a topic and an associated problem to solve. You will continue to work on analyzing and solving this problem throughout the remainder of this course.
Select a topic with your data set from the Quantitative Reasoning II Project Topics and Scenarios. After opening the file, access the topics along with their data sets and problems by clicking the individual worksheet tabs near the bottom of the workbook. For this project, six topics that align to various career disciplines have been made available for your selection. You will be using this data throughout the course.
Review the data sets help if you are struggling to locate all of the data sets.
Compose a 175-word response that addresses the following questions:

What topic did you choose?
Why does it interest you?
What do you hope to discover in your analysis?

Select the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

There is also a week 2 Study Plan that needs to be done. It includes a set of mastery points and then a checkpoint of 8-10 questions. 


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