public speaking for STANWRITTER


You can complete this assignment without your textbook.  Please review the resources below and complete this assignment.

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public speaking for STANWRITTER
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• To recognize the many benefits of public speaking for professional and personal
• To become more active citizens by engaging in the public conversation about
worthwhile and relevant issues.
• To recognize the enduring nature of the study of public speaking.
• To recognize the similarities between public speaking and other forms of
• To recognize the differences between public speaking and other forms of
• To consider the speech context and rhetorical situation.
• To set clearly defined goals for speeches.
• To assess the outcome of speaking.
• To help speakers draw on the familiar skills of conversation and writing.
• To recognize the need to foster a sense of inclusion in all public speaking

Assignment 1 Model of Communication (Chapter 1) There are various representations of models of communication. Using the textbook’s model as a basis, create a picture or an analogy of the communication process. For example, in drawing a computer model of communication one might compare the source to the computer, compare encoding to the keyboard and mouse, decoding to information on the screen or a print-out, and so on. Be creative! You can compare communication to a sport, the human body, certain aspects of nature, and a variety of other things.






• To prepare and deliver a brief first speech to gain confidence as a speaker.
• To practice using a brief speech overview to help construct and deliver the
first speech.

Assignment 2 First Impressions

Because audiences quickly form impressions of speakers, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for the kind of impression you would like to make on your audience. Provide a written response to each of the following statements and questions. 1. What is your self-image? 2. What image of yourself would you like to make? 3. Exactly what impression would you like to make? 4. Identify nonverbal strategies that you can use to stimulate the images listed above. What nonverbal behaviors, clothing, or artifacts would you use to accomplish those first impressions with your audience? 5. Identify verbal strategies that you can use to initiate a positive first impression. List them below.



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