Part 1: SLP Assignment Overview
When the requirements and design are completed for a project, the coding can begin. A good first step in development is to use the design to create a prototype, or proof of concept for the system. The prototype helps ensure the validity of the design and demonstrates that the basic concepts in the design will provide the desired solution. For this SLP assignment you will use your Design Document from the Case Study to guide the creation of a prototype for your integrated system.
Part 1 SLP Assignment Expectations
The Prototype should address the following requirements:

The prototype should match the overall design created in the Case Study assignment and should provide evidence that the intended design will work.
A basic visual interface to support navigation of the program and identify the future functionality of the application.
No subsystem functionality is required but stubs to connectivity points for subsystems should be identified and have the ability to perform basic functionality tests.
All code should be well-documented with comments.
The program should run without significant errors.
Include a document called operation.docxthat describes how to operate the application.

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This document should provide sufficient information to 


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