PSY 2000 MOD 4 Individual Project

n an organization you belong to, identify someone who you perceive as “different” from you. 

Interview this person.
Because of their “difference,” identify their advantages that they have in the organization.
Identify their challenges and obstacles that they face in the organization.
Explain both the person’s and the organization’s role in tackling those challenges and obstacles.
Explain what you have learned. Do you think this experience affected your views on diversity in the organization?

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PSY 2000 MOD 4 Individual Project
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Your project must consist of a three – five page paper that is substantive, an attachment of your original interview with your questions and responses, a cover page, and a cited reference page.  You will make up the interview questions you want to use. Your questions should help you answer cover the expectations mentioned through 2-5 above.

By substantive, I mean that your paper is well written. It is organized and has very few spelling or grammar errors. It will include the key points found in 2, 3, 4, and 5 above. It will include key concepts you have learned from the chapter. It will be single-spaced.

Individual Project: Grading Rubric-Information for specific guidelines on how your paper will be graded.Assessment Rubric for Individual Project Paper
Exceeds Standard
Meets Standard
Does Not Meet Standard
Interviewee is “different”
5 points
A well-established difference is clearly articulated
4 points
A well-established difference
2 points
A small difference
10 points
Assumptions made prior to interview
Well-articulated, powerful introduction that grabs reader’s attention
Explains the purpose of the project
7 points
Assumptions made prior to interview
Articulated introduction to project
Explains the purpose of the project
5 points
Little introduction to the project
Similarities / Differences
Clearly explains the similarities and differences
Several examples
Very well-written
Explains the similarities and differences
Only a few examples
Lists few similarities and differences
Clearly explains the advantages
Very well-written
Several examples
Explains the advantages
Only a few examples
Lists a few advantages
Clearly explains the challenges
Very well-written
Several examples
Explains the challenges
Only a few examples
Lists a few challenges
Reflections of Assignment
Very thoughtful reflection
Concludes paper well
Very well-written
Reflection / conclusion is adequate
Little to no reflection / poor conclusion
Interview Transcript
More than 10 quality/relevant questions
Thorough interview
At least 10 relevant questions
No transcript; not enough questions asked
Format Guidelines
15 points
Followed guidelines (title page, 4-5 pages, cited reference page, etc.)
Information is very organized and clear
No grammatical errors
10 points
Followed guidelines
Information is organized and clear
Few grammatical errors
5 points
Did not follow guidelines
Many grammatical errors


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