Project Charter

Discussions in this course are post-first activities, which means that you are required to upload your completed initial post first before others’ posts are viewable.
Before posting the discussion messages, please read the term project instructions.
This activity will provide you with an opportunity to engage in a discussion with this class on a project topic that you have selected to implement as the term project. The class interaction will foster a learning environment in which you will learn from each other’s experiences and opinions.
In addition, you will practice using project management jargon and expressing your opinions in a professional manner. The options available in this discussion have ethical considerations that are important to consider as a project manager.
Specifically, for this M2D1 discussion, you are required to:

Critically analyze your term project from the perspective of the project manager.

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Project Charter
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Introduce your term project to refresh the memory of the readers of this post.
Prepare the information to complete the project charter. You may refer to Figure 3-7 Sample Business Case on pages 89 to 91, and to Figure 3-12 Sample Project Charter on pages 97 to 98 of the textbook.

Define your project objectives.
Specify the measures by which this project will be determined a success.
Describe the assumptions and constraints for your project.
List the preliminary requirements for your project.
Identify any additional project management approaches to be considered for your project.

Do a stakeholder analysis and categorize stakeholders as follows:

Manage closely
Keep satisfied
Keep informed

Based on the stakeholder classification and in the context of your proposed project, elaborate on your plans to manage stakeholders.
Finally, in a reflection of at least 30 words, describe the most interesting and challenging parts of preparing the project charter, as well as any recommendations to your classmates for preparing the charter.


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