Professional Development and Mentoring Plan

 Assignment 2: RA 2—Professional Development and Mentoring Plan
In this assignment, you will research and locate (you may use the Internet, the Argosy University online library resources, and, most likely, a combination of both to get the depth of information needed to complete the assignment) a global organization that has experienced a failed global business effort. Based on what you have learned over the last seven modules, you will review and analyze how communications contributed to the organization’s failed effort. Your specific analysis, problem-solving, recommendations, and all gradable components should be based on the existing organizational practices and your evaluation of their effectiveness.
Your response should include suggestions for improvements with respect to the specific assignment requirements listed below:

Analyze and determine a communication problem the global organization is currently facing or was facing.
Determine and discuss two or more communications barriers that are contributing/contributed to the problem and that are impeding/impeded functional communications.
Determine and describe several potential reasons the barriers (problems) exist(ed)/persist(ed). Discuss any risks associated with addressing the problems and risks should the problems not be addressed.
Identify and discuss a viable problem-solving method or methods that could have been used to address the problem.
Suggest and discuss a type of communications technology or method leaders could have used to relay the problem and solution(s) to the employees. Justify your decision and support with examples.
Identify and discuss at least one relevant leadership theory related to why the problem occurred and one relevant leadership theory/approach that aligns to how the problem could have been solved considering the problem-solving method you selected earlier. Include any insights provided by the theory.

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Professional Development and Mentoring Plan
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Note: Each of the above points need to have appropriate course concepts, terms, and theories integrated and appropriately cited throughout the discussion.
Consider the following in your analysis:

Integrate and cite concepts/terms/theories from the module’s readings.

Your final product will be a 10- to 12-page Microsoft Word document (not including the title page, references, and appendices, if needed). Your paper should be formatted as per current APA standards; be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


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