Problem Solution

Review the potential solutions generated in Week 8, and identify one solution to address the Capstone problem.

Review the feedback provided in the Week 8 Discussion and incorporate any ideas or suggestions.

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Problem Solution
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Consider the following questions to evaluate and explain the solution you have selected:

Is the solution realistic; is the solution supported in the research literature?

What would be the advantages and challenges to implementing the solution?
What are the barriers to implementing this solution?
What are the consequences of the solution, and who would be impacted?
What is the potential for social change?

From the Learning Resources “Social Change Series” web resource, choose and review one or more of the social change webinars that are of relevance and interest to you. Think about your Capstone problem and how you might promote positive social change.

Assignment (2–3 pages, in addition to the title page and reference page) 

Based on the scientific knowledge and research skills that you acquired throughout the program, develop a solution that could lead to a successful resolution of the problem.
Explain advantages and challenges to the implementation of this solution. 
Conclude with a minimum of 2 paragraphs describing the potential for positive social change that could result from this solution and how you might promote positive social change.

Walden University Career Services. (n.d.). Social change series. Retrieved November 23, 2019, from 

Walden University Center for Social Change. (2019). How Walden’s eight features of social change come to life. Retrieved from
(previously read in Week 8)


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