Power point presentation APA Format intext citations 15 slides

our client is a company that has been cited with a notice of violation for discharging toxic chemicals into the municipal sewer system. The regulatory authorities are requiring that the company develop a waste management plan to address the violations related to the manufacturing process. A preliminary assessment concludes that the toxic chemicals are necessary because of old and outdated equipment. Management wants to get back into compliance, spending as little capital as possible. They believe that adding additional pollution control at the end of the process is a reasonable solution. You believe that if the company spends additional capital, the equipment can be updated, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals. Neither solution yields a better quality product.

Prepare a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation to give to the executive committee of your client. Organize the presentation as follows:

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Power point presentation APA Format intext citations 15 slides
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Slide 1: Summarize the situation and common goals so that the committee will understand that you are on the same page.
Slide 2: Review the major ideas and intent behind the Pollution Prevention Act (PPA). Summarize the key elements of the PPA in one slide that relate to this scenario.
Slides 3-4: Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the solution that seeks to install additional pollution equipment at the end of the process.
Slides 5-6: Summarize the strength and weaknesses of your solution to spend additional funds to upgrade the equipment used to manufacture the product.
Slide 7: Set the stage for convincing the committee to adopt your recommendation by showing the key differences between the two options.
Slides 8-9: Apply the key ideas of the PPA (slide 2) to each scenario.
Slide 10: Ask the committee to make a decision, reminding them that customers and shareholders may evaluate their product brand and reputation based on the decisions that they make now to go in a green position.
Slides 11-15: Provide additional detailed slides for the committee to read later as they consider your proposal. 
These slides should fill in the GAPS in your 10-slide presentation.
You are required to use a minimum of three reputable sources, which must be cited and referenced appropriately. 


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