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The Logistics Section is responsible for all support requirements needed to facilitate effective and efficient incident management.  These requirements include but are not limited to:
-Supplies/Equipment maintenance and fuel
-Food services
-Communications/Information technology support 
-Emergency responder medical services
Without funding and reimbursements, the ability to respond and recover from incidents will be limited. Because incident response is a very expensive business, costs and finances must be carefully and thoroughly recorded. The Finance/Administration Section manages all activities related to cost summaries and contracts for supplies and services.

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Many times high-impact/long-duration incidents are where we see a need for the Logistics and Finance sections to work closely to make sure the necessary supplies are available and then track the associated costs for the supplies.  For this week’s forum, find an article on the internet and post the link.  The article should show an incident where the Logistics and Finance Sections were required due to the size and/or duration of the incident.  Give a summary of the incident from the perspective of the Finance/Logistics sections.  Describe the type of resources that Logistics was required to supply, and then report on the methods likely used to track expenses by the Finance Section.  Make inferences where this information is not clearly noted in your articles.  


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