Possible Outcomes of Overpopulation

Possible Overpopulation Solutions The human population growth of the last century is tremendous. It required only forty years after 1950 for the population to double from 2. 5 billion to 5 billion. The factors affecting global human population are very simple. Theyre fertility, mortality, initial population and time. India, China and USA are the top countries that are currently in crisis because of overpopulation. Many of our basic resources are strained such as, food; one out of every seven people alive, go to bed hungry. 5,000 people die of malnutrition and hunger-related diseases. In many regions children’s asthma has risen dramatically because of the air quality (www. howmany. org). Since this is happening, a result might be that there wouldn’t be enough food, water, or shelter and therefore these numbers will increase. Scientists say solutions to this situation would be to plan out how many kids you want and use birth control.
Some scientists think that the Government should adopt the slogan “Patriotic citizens stop at two children” and adjust tax and other policies (wmwnbcnews. com). Coaching Questions 1 . It’s really feasible to control how many children a person has. In order to maintain urrent population, 1 kid per person is required. 2. We obtain energy from natural resources, fossil fuels, and nonrenewable energy. We would need more energy. Sometimes burning resources such as coal causes pollution. 3.
Disease that spread fast in crowded conditions is: food poisoning, typhoid fever, tetanus and polio. These diseases can be treated and prevented with proper methods. 4. 14,475 deaths per day; in India the let vultures eat the dead; it’s not practical to use land because of the growing population. Yes, building houses. 5. We need to conserve land and soil because we need somewhere to build houses and farms. . When land becomes a desert, this would be a problem because nothing grows in the desert. 7.

Some residents get theirs from wells, some from city water in the ground 8. No, you cant add or lose water. 9. We would need a bigger hospital and a lot more schools; we would Just need to expand almost everything to adjust properly. 10. Yes , people will fight for what they need. Immigration would increase; people would move to places with the most resources. 1 1 . There would be less demand for animals which would give us more land 12. China, India and the USA. Possible Outcomes of Overpopulation By kiara_shonte

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Possible Outcomes of Overpopulation
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