Please Use At Least 3-5 Paragraphs To Finish This Assignment

Journal Prompt for Global Stratification
This week I’d like you to consider the global stratification. 
Considering the power of ideology, identify political ideologies and policies about climate change and discuss how they are communicated, disseminated, and propagated. How do specific groups of people benefit or suffer the most from each of these ideologies? Or is it about equal? Finally, what can those groups of people who benefit the least from these ideologies do to challenge and/or change these ideologies? In what ways, if any, are they doing just that?
You should consult the article in the weekly assignment and any other sources you’d like while researching these events.  Please list any sources you viewed at the bottom of your assignment. If you’re interested in reading more about this, message me. I’ll be happy to send you some more links to sociological analyses of these events.

Use Course Material
Specifically refer to course concepts in your discussion using material from assigned readings, videos and/or discussion.

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Please Use At Least 3-5 Paragraphs To Finish This Assignment
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Connect Course Material to Your Experience
Write about connections you see between the course material and your life experiences. You can also relate course concepts to things you see, hear or read about in the media (if you do this, let me know where you found the media, i.e. NYTimes on 8/19 and include a link to the article or web page so I can check it out too!)


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