Physics Report

I already visited this center and I have many photos from California science center for space shuttle and information labels for each part from shuttle in my phone if we have deal to do it and need them I will send them to you. ( I will add some of them in attachments)
I need report to explain relationship between this space shuttle and my physics class topics in this class.

Visit the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center.  Prepare a 1 Or 2 pages report (500 to 600 word limit).  Tell me of your visit and how it relates to our Classical Mechanics one or two of this class topics (Units, Vectors, 2D Motion,  Relative Motion, perpendicular acceleration, Circular Motion,Linear Momentum,Newton’s Laws,Work and Kinetic Energy ,Potential Energy, Conservation of  Energy ,Center of  Mass Conservation of Momentum, Elastic & Inelastic Collisions, Reference Frame, Rotational Kinematics & Moment of  Inertia , Rotational Dynamics ,Angular Momentum ,Rotational Statics , Simple Harmonic Motion ) course (i.e., choose a topic or two we have or will covered in class, and discuss how it relates to the space shuttle, it’s design and/or operation). Consider this a technical report, where equations and discussion of each variable in it is expected. 

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Physics Report
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For more information on location, hours and costs, please visit: California Science Center – Endevour (Links to an external site.)

This exercise aligns with our course’s Learning Objectives, among which are to:

Demonstrate knowledge of physical principles used to model natural phenomena.
Demonstrate ability to convey physical concepts with mathematical expressions, and effectively derive quantitative predictions from a model through mathematical analysis.


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