Philosophy Statement

I believe that each child learns at their own pace, and it’s important to accommodate each individual. To reference Pestalozzi, I also believe children have more meaningful learning experiences with hands-on activities and it allows them to draw their own conclusions because they are experiencing what they’re learning first hand. I believe it’s my job as a teacher to create an environment that encourages children to think critically and allow them to experience things first hand.
I also understand that each child learns differently, and not every child is the same, and it’s my job as a teacher to accommodate them to the best of my ability and create an environment where children feel comfortable to ask questions or voice their opinions. My goal as a teacher is to be a good role model to my students. I want to be able to develop a relationship with each of my students. I to be able help children with their self esteem by promoting individuality and diversity.
I also understand the importance of assessment and believe it’s my job to assess each student thoroughly to better understand them and help them through whatever they are struggling with. I also believe it’s important to create an environment that promotes a child’s autonomy, to help them draw their own conclusions and think critically to help them build skills early on that they will need throughout adulthood. Over all I want to be the one teacher in a child’s life who made a difference.

I believe that one of my strengths is that I’m accepting of others. I come from a half Hipic and half Irish family and I was immersed in both cultures. I accept people no matter their religion, culture, or ethnicity and I promote diversity because I come from a diverse family. I believe this will be a very positive attribute when dealing with families and students because not every student is the same and it’s important to make each family feel welcome in the classroom regardless of their cultural background.
I also believe that I am a very observant person which would be a very important skill in assessing my students which is a very significant part of being a teacher. I’ve always been observant, even as a child, I wanted to understand how things worked and why certain things affected others. Properly assessing students can put help put a stop to bullying, it can allow the teacher to better understand their students and find a method of teaching that works for each individual, and also can help keep parents updated on their child’s learning development.
An area of future growth would be my communication skills. I’m not very articulate when I talk to crowds; I get nervous and falter my words. I’m more of a quiet person, I like to keep thoughts to myself and when I’m forced to express them I feel out of my element. This is something that is a work in progress and it is, slowly but surely, getting much easier for me. This is very important as a teacher to be able to effectively speak to the students and teach the material well. It’s also very important to keep in contact with parents to update them on activities and their child’s progress.

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Philosophy Statement
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