Philosophy Class

I have a philosophy assignment that is due tomorrow.

The instructions per the instructor are as follows:

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Philosophy Class
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In ONE forum, complete the following tasks:

Logic Task
Rachels Text Task
Plato’s Crito

Logic task:  Go to Week 1, Class Notes; access and review the IMPORTANT WORD USED IN LOGICAL ANALYSIS.  At the end of the document, find how the form for CONSTRUCTIVE DILEMMA and provide your own example of a constructive dilemma. 
Rachels text task:  After studying Chapter 1 of our Rachels text, Problems from Philosophy, select one of Socrates’ arguments for facing his execution.  Describe the argument and either support it or give counter-arguments.  To get a sense of the character of Socrates, review the following two web sites and comment about one aspect from each of the videos. 
Death of Socrates

Some of the character of Socrates the man comes through the dialogue.  Give us an example of Socrates’ manner that conveys something of his character as a person.
Socrates – Alan de Button

Give one thought from de Button’s documentary that you find thought-provoking.
Plato’s Crito – Read Plato’s dialogue titled Crito, available through the following link:
If you were with Socrates, awaiting his death, what would you say to him?   
In addition to discussing the Crito in this forum, let me mention that the Mid-Term Exam will include specific questions about Plato’s diologue, so read the document carefully.
 I attached examples of how it should look 


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