Phase 1 Individual Project

Phase 1 Individual Project The Classroom Predicament Case Study Violet has persuaded Adrian into taking a risk on plagiarism by using someone else work. I think her rate should be a 2. However because Violet is not the student in this case she cannot be held responsible for her actions. Although I do feel that maybe if she would have helped Adrian with some of the work load on the job Adrian could have took the time to write her own paper. Encouraging a student to cheat is just as wrong as the student that has decided to submit a paper that is not one’s own.
Louise is not the student in this case but he/she obviously has been or is a student. Therefore he/she is well aware of Academic Integrity Policy. I will have to rate her at a 3 because she did send the email as an attachment to Adrian. Encouraging a student is just as guilty as submitting the assignment essay writer life hacks. Professor Johnston because of his job at the University he is not able to bend the rules for Adrian. I think the Professor should be rated at a 4.
There are many ways to help students that are in this type of situation (overwhelmed) because many students prefer to take time away from school and never return. Dean Richards cannot be held responsible for his actions because he is only following protocols. Therefore he can only talk with Adrian and Professor Johnston to get an understanding of her actions. He will have to be ranked at a 5. Adrian is the most responsible I think she should be rate at a 1. Adrian is aware of the Academic Integrity Policy and she understands the consequences that are listed.

I think Adrian should have took the time to write her own paper during her down time whether it was on her lunch break or even after work. However because the paper has been submitted I think Adrian should try to go back and submit her own work and see if the Professor would accept it and just deduct points for what she has done. An alternate strategy is to talk to the Professor if that does not work I think she should talk to her Academic Advisor or even the Dean to take some of her load off until she is able to handle things at a normal pace again.
I believe if she would have communicated with her boss she would have been in a better situation to catch up and complete all of her assignments on time without plagiarizing. In the future I recommend Adrian talk with her boss as well as her co-worker’s to get the help she need at work in order not to lose focus on her job. Then for her school work if she feels she is not able to perform at her best even with putting her all into it I think she should just take a break and try it later. Now she has a penalty on her record for plagiarizing.
Students that are working full-time and have a family are faced with these situations often. There are many ways to communicate with school faculty to get the help one may need or even ones co-workers on the job. Rob was Adrian’s boos in this situation. I do not think that Rob is aware that Adrian is a current student in this situation and there is nowhere in the reading it is mentioned. I think Rob should be rated at a 6 because she is swamped at work with things to complete and because of her workload increase she is not able to maintain her assignments as a student.

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Phase 1 Individual Project
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