Parents Are the Best Teachers

Parents experience life with their children from the beginning of their lives. Hence, they have taught their children many lessons. They are definitely the first teachers of their children but they are not the best teachers. Firstly, parents are closest to their children so it’s difficult to teach their children strictly. For example, it’s time to do homework but their children don’t want to do so. They may wheedle their parents into letting them do it later. Parents always pamper their children so they permit them to do homework later. This increasingly spoils their children.
Secondly, parents constantly shape their children interests to be similar to theirs. This makes their children difficult to develop their potential ability. For example, if the parents like music they may want their children to attend music class. Likewise, if the parents like art they may let their children attend art class. However, what if their children are interested in science? Last but not least, because of the differences of generation, parents’ points of view are somewhat narrower than their children’s. For example, their children want to go to some university which is far form their hometown in order to have more experience in live.
In contrary, parents prefer their children to attend to university which is near their hometown because they think it is unsafe for them to live far form family. In conclusion, parents might be the good teachers but they are not the best ones. They can’t teach the children strictly, always tend to shape their interests and have the different points of view with their children. Fortunately, we have various teachers during our lives. Therefore, we can learn a lot from them They are also your guid they let you do what you want they also help ypu alot with yur studies and stuff they also make you food. and buy you clothes and whatever you want

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Parents Are the Best Teachers
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