paper and presentation

FRANCHISE PAPER (Required to pass the Class)
Go to and research franchises you would consider purchasing. After conducting your
research, choose a franchise and write a 2-3 page paper answering the following about the franchise you
1. Why did you select this franchise over others you researched?
2. How much does it cost to start this franchise and how much do you have to pay on a monthly basis to
the franchisor? Be specific.
3. What requirements does the franchisor make the franchisee have before purchasing a franchise?
4. What training, advertising or other forms of support does the franchisor offer to the franchisee to help
run the business?
5. What are the pros and cons of owning this franchise and franchises in general?
You will be graded on the depth and clarity of your answers as well as your grammar and spelling. A maximum
of 50 points may be earned for the hard copy version of this assignment. Post your completed paper to the
link provided on
FRANCHISE PAPER PRESENTATION (Required to pass the Class)
Each student will give an IGNITE ( presentation of
your Franchise Paper. You will need to use PowerPoint to create and present a IGNITE style presentation. It
will be timed and instructor critiqued. It will be graded for polish, clarity, content, and demonstrated
preparation using the following rubric below. There is a maximum of 50 points for this assignment.
Polish: (10 Possible) Posture, no “ums”, flow of speech, crisp, energy level
Clarity: (10 Possible) Articulation, volume, clear message, no bunny trails
Content: (20 possible) Did you address all 5 questions from paper? (4 points each)
1. Why did you select this franchise? What is it?
2. How much does it cost to start? Monthly?
3. Requirements before purchasing?
4. What forms of support are provided?
5. What are the pros and cons?
Demonstrated presentation: (10 possible) Little reference to notes, clear, rehearsed, confident

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