Paper after the discussion I still chose applicant 2 so the classes decision did not sway me to change my answer


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Paper after the discussion I still chose applicant 2 so the classes decision did not sway me to change my answer
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Who to Hire?

Purpose: To apply what you have learned about organizing and teams to make a hiring decision.

We defined organizing as “a management function that involves arranging and structuring work to accomplish organizational goals.” Included in this definition is insuring the right employee resources will be available to accomplish the goal. Often times this can lead to the need to hire new employees, either to gain access to skills that aren’t available within the organization or to increase the organization’s pool of talent by adding people.

In this activity, we will make a decision as a group about which person to hire as a new customer service representative.

Step 1 by Thursday (6 AM Eastern):  Read the Preview the document for the CSR position.  Decide who you would hire for the position and the reasons why. Go to the next screen and post your selection and a of your reasoning to the discussion board.  You will be graded on your analysis, as well as your participation on the group discussion. 

Step 2 by Sunday (6 AM Eastern):  Thinking critically about your classmates choices, respond to  2 other student postings by Sunday night (midnight EST). The goal is for our class as the “team” to come to consensus on who to hire!  

Step 3 by Monday (6 AM Eastern): Now that you have had time to think about your choice, write a 1-page paper with your initial choice and reasoning and critically think about the group discussion. Did interacting as a team sway you to reconsider your choice or did it confirm that you made the right decision?  Were there any surprising viewpoints that were raised?  Although you are not required to do any research this week, make sure to incorporate terminology and concepts from the course. Upload your paper to this assignment screen by Monday 6am.


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