READ:  Communication Style and Cultural Features in High/Low Context Communication Cultures: A Case Study of Finland, Japan and India by Shoji Nishimura, Anne Nevgi, and Seppo Tella.
Using what you have learned from Chapter 7 and the Nishimura, Nevgi, & Tella article, answer the following questions:
1. What is a High-Context Culture?
2. What is a Low-Context Culture?
3. Considering the country you are researching, how would you define the context of their culture?
4. Comparing your country to the United States, what challenges, if any, would your organization experience in its communication with Americans?
5. Why is nonverbal communication a barrier to effective communication?
Write a minimum 2-page paper using your findings from above. 
Remember: All writing must be supported by academic literature and will be in APA format 
Watch: YouTube video by Geert Hofstede “What is Culture?” (32 min 22 sec):
Answer the following questions in a scholarly post of 600 words or more 
· What are some categories of cultural differences that help make one country or region of the world different from another? In each case, describe the value or norm and explain how it would result in different behavior in two or more countries. 

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