For this Assignment, imagine you are a parole officer working with a parolee in your state named Simon. Simon is 34 years old and has just served 7 years in prison for identity theft. While working as a home health aide, Simon stole his elderly patient’s driver’s license and checkbook and withdrew $275,000 of her money. After being convicted of identity theft, Simon lost his certification as a home health aide. Additionally, prior to the identity theft, Simon had been on probation for a car theft conviction.
During your initial meeting with Simon, you learn that his mother passed away while he was incarcerated, his father has been absent his entire life, and his only family in the area is a second cousin who lives an hour and a half away. You also learn that Simon has an 11-year-old son who lives about 600 miles away. Currently, Simon owes $18,000 in back child support. As a result, his driver’s license has been suspended and a portion of his wages will be garnished to pay the debt.
By Day 7
Submit a 500-word paper that addresses the following:

What are the three most significant challenges Simon will encounter upon being released from prison, based on the details provided in the case study?
After reviewing the Second Chance Act website, visit your state’s department of corrections website and explore some of the resources and services found in your community for people who are released from prison. Which resources and services would you recommend for Simon as he reintegrates back into the community and why? 
Explore the re-entry services and resources offered in a different state. Which resources and services in that state would be beneficial to Simon but are unavailable in your state?

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