Othello Mini Essay

One of the key messages that Shakespeare conveys in this story, is that the language people use indicates their character and that the words people use often say more about themselves than the people of which they are speaking. In the play, Othello speech is consistently eloquent which adds to the idea that he is a dignified man with impressive etiquette. Contrariwise, Ago is fluent in the language of profanity and refers to Othello as a “Barbara horse” and a “Moor”.
Ordering is also abrasive to Othello, calling him “thick lips. ” It is only appropriate that they use such hateful and oftentimes annalistic language, as it truly reflects their nature. The words the antagonists use are typically shallow and superficial ND do not say anything about Othello personality, whilst the positive words – said by Desman and the Duke – used to describe Othello grant a superior indication of the type of person he is, as they speak of his behavior and overall temperament.
In the story, Desman is the epitome of fairness and goodwill: a polar opposite to Ago and Ordering. She sees “Othello visage in his mind,” which entails that she looks beyond his physical appearance and Its connotations and sees his “honors and valiant parts”. Similarly, the Duke believes Othello to be a noble man, and confronts Barbarian of his prejudging: “If virtue no delighted beauty lack, your son-in- law is more fair than black”.

These words prove that Othello is much more than the color of his skin, and that any judgments based on his appearance should be deemed invalid, as race is a social construct and people’s attributes are in no way related to the color of their skin. Shakespearean tale of Othello shows the injustice behind racial prejudice and how the entire concept is flawed. Sago’s and Rodeo’s animosity tells us more about them than it does about Othello, as the vulgarity of their words reflects their true persona.
Ago calls Othello a “devil” however there is no reasoning or proof behind this cruel statement, thus rendering it baseless. Oppositely, we know Adhesion’s kind words to be true, as they are inspired by her time spent with Othello. Shakespeare has used the political and social views of the sixteenth century Venetian people, to comment on the unfairness of discrimination on the bases of race, and how appearance doesn’t define character. Othello is proof that one can be elegant, respectable and well-mannered in spite Of the negative connotations that race tends to allow.

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Othello Mini Essay
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