Orion Systems Jaguar

What recommendations would you make to Rosas about organizing the Jaguar project, and why? Ans: Looking at the major assessment of problem of how ORION projects are manage, it will be plausible for Rosas to shift from the matrix structure and engage in a dedicated project teams structure. The reason been that is, dedicated project teams has a simple form of approach to a particular project where the functional organisation remain intact with the project team operating independently.
It is also fast, meaning projects tend to get done more quickly rather than the matrix structure where you can be assigning multiple roles. It is very cohesive and this result in a high level of motivation which allows participants to share a common goal and take responsibility toward the project whiles the matrix structure there will be lack of strong project ownership.
There is also cross-functional integration which allows specialists from different areas work closely together and, with proper guidance become more committed to optimizing the project but not their respective areas of skill and this becomes the solution for the scope creep ORION has been encountering in terms of delays and design modifications that were inconsistent with customer requirements which was cause by the tendency for design engineers to get to absorb with the science of the project that they lost focus on practical considerations.

ORION major problems of how project are manage; Higher than expected cost, Quality concerns, Problem with customer support, lack of strong project ownership and Scope creep 2) How would you change the organisational chart and master plan to reflect these changes? My chart ORION Organisational chart. Project manager Mechanics System engineer Electronics System engineer Deputy planning and control management Team Leader Team Leader Team Leader Team Leader
Project manager Team Leader Deputy planning and control management Electronics System engineer Mechanics System engineer Traditional functional departments In organising projects as dedicated teams, the project manager becomes the team manager and work together with the rest of the team supported by the traditional functional department’s whiles in the matrix structure used by ORION each team have a different team leader. Master Plan Training Training program
Documentation and and test equipment SDR/PDR/CDR/TRR/PRR Build Production line Environment tests Laboratory tests and delivery Production Activities/time 6-12Months 1-6Months Design reviews Design and Development Production and Delivery ILS Lockheed martin justify that using a dedicated project teams structure facilitate a quick completion of a project.
Now, if Lockheed martin uses 43days to complete an American fighter jet then I don’t see the reason why ORION will spend over 7years to make light-rail trains by using the matrix structure. Therefore, by using the dedicated project teams the process of tests, production and delivery can take less than the usual years ORION use to complete a particular project. So by using the dedicated project teams, I change the years on ORION master plan to months to reflect how fast it is to use the dedicated project teams rather than the matrix structure.

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Orion Systems Jaguar
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