Organizational Behavior Paper

Selected issue:   The topic for my future research essay will be communications and relationships inside businesses, and the importance and influence technological advances have had in them. I will deepen especially in informal communications and relationships, and how they can positively and negatively influence an organization´s environment. 
The issue must be relevant to our course, useful to 
managers and represent a central issue in contemporary business.  A purely theoretical discussion 
will not suffice.  You must show how the problem is relevant in a managerial context.  Scan a 
number of business and/or social science journals in the library (e-research).  Business 
magazines, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review are a few 
examples to consider.
    The paper must be descriptive and prescriptive in that it should set out the present state of art 
or knowledge, but then present your considered views and those of recognized authorities.  Be 
careful not to rely too heavily on your own generalizations. 
    An extensive reliance on text material is to be avoided.  The paper must demonstrate 
scholarship and communication ability consistent with your school status.  The length of the 
paper is left to your discretion.  Remember, length does not necessarily ensure scholarly work.  
Papers under 8-10 pages will probably not display sufficient coverage.
    Papers should be mechanically prepared and in a style consistent with that recommended by 
an authority on preparing papers.  Reference materials are available in the college library.  The 
use of APA is required; all citations must be listed at the end of the paper, including the writing 
authority employed (APA format).

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Organizational Behavior Paper
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