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Reasons for the massacre of Jews.

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Only Paraphrasing in few hours
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The strong antisemitism’s tradition with extensive hatred to the community was some of the reasons of killing Jews. The Jewish community was considered as a “deformity on the body politic”. They were perceived as problem that needed an urgent solution of being eliminated. There were obvious attempts to segregate Jews from the other population. The chroniclers Albert of Aix and Ekkehard of Aura explain that count Emico wanted to destroy all the Jews. he was responsible for the bloodshed that involved the death of both the women and children inconsiderate of the age. This led the Jews to prefer to die by their own hands.

Conquering Jerusalem

Christians took over Jerusalem in 1099. In the second crusade, Muslims took over in 1187. The difference between them is that Muslims allowed the christians to continue their worship. There is evidence of bias where they both want to gain; they are inconsiderate of how to live. Christians restored Muslim’s places  of worship and made them into churches. The Muslims made laws that the Christians as well as Jews were to ask for permission in certain things.

Interactions between Muslims and Christians communities

During the years of crusader, both Muslims and Christians do not trust each other but in some places, they were able to work together. Christian understanding is similar to the Muslim’s in that they both have a common origin of their faith. For instance, they both believe that judgment day will come. Differences are the trinity where Muslims claim that is a sin.

Lesson learned

The major lesson learned is the Life is a gift that should be protected. I learned that every person is important and should be protected.


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