One Last Dance Movie Summary

Many people consider dance as a hobby but to others it takes place a big role in their lives. The movie “One Last Dance” demonstrates how passionate a group of people are about dancing and how it affects their lives. This group is part of a New York dancing company that does performances and is run by their artistic director and owner of the studio “Alex McGrath”. The company was about to have the big performance of their lives, until tragedy strucks. On an evening of rehearsal, the dancers realize that their artistic director Alex has passed away.
Due to the tragedy, the performance gets canceled. After 6 years, no dance performances took place after Alex’s death. The dance studio was getting ready to shut down until three former stars were brought back to help save the studio by resurrecting the dance performance that was unable to be performed. The three former stars are “Travis MacPhearson,” “Chrissa Lindh,” and “Max Delano. ” As they try to get back into shape and mark their routine, they seem to struggle.
They begin to go through different emotions and get flashbacks on how tough Alex was them during practices. Alex was a very serious strict man that pushed his dancers till he thought they had enough. The dance performance became a dream to them, so when that very dance got canceled it was heartbreaking. Later, Chrissa introduces “Bree,” her daughter, to the cast. Max and Travis were unaware of Chrissa having a daughter till she decided to mention it. Travis was surprised about it because before everything happened Chrissa and Travis were in intimate relationship.

Before the big day, Chrissa and Travis weren’t communicating so well because of the lacking performance of their dance piece. Chrissa then left their rehearsal session after dancing another piece that brought back some sparks between them. Travis stayed behind and continued to dance when all of sudden he injures his knee. It’s the day of the performance and Travis hasn’t shown up. Max gets a hold of him and informs everyone that he was getting out of the hospital and is leaving the town that night.
Chrissa decides to call Travis after hearing the news and admits to him that Bree is his daughter. The absence of Travis caused Max and Chrissa to step down and let the understudy go on stage instead. After having a successful performance, Travis shows up to the studio. He was glad for the success of the performance but he still felt like preforming their last dance together even with his knee injury. Although they was no audience, Max and Chrissa agreed to preform it. As hey began to dance, people that were still around heard the music and came back to watch them. Finally, after six years they performed their dance piece and couldn’t be any happier. Their dream eventually came true. This movie has such a good ending and a good meaning to it. When you are passionate about something never let anything stop you from doing it. Dance can be a big impact to anyone who is passionate about it. This movie is a good example of how dance affects people’s lives and that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams.

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One Last Dance Movie Summary
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