This section is worth 10% your assignment. Your job will be to watch and carefully observe a business and its consumers in action and then to draw some conclusions about the brand, its personality, and its personality and it’s positioning in the marketplace. You’ll answer the question, “how does this brand want to be seen by its customers? What is its brand image?”
1.  Select a place to go to(any london pizza store, London- Ontario) that you have never ever been—any place that people spend money.
2. Your task is to:
a. Carefully observe, without talking to or interviewing anyone, the place, its activities, and the patrons inside.
3. You want to notice the physical details of the environment for clues about the brand.
a. What are the characteristics of:  
i. Place, décor, and ambience that tell you what the place is all about?
b. Do the same thing for the personnel in the place and for the patrons themselves.
i. How do they dress?
ii. What do they look like?
iii. How do they behave?
iv. Is their dress/demeanor congruent with the brand image?
4. Once you’ve finished with your observations: write a detailed description of them and then distill your ideas down into a key insight. For example:
a. How do your observations of the brand/establishment inform you about the importance of being consumer-oriented
b. What do you know about positioning a brand/store to the needs and wants of consumers that you didn’t know before?
c. Did colors of the establishment or uniforms have an impact on purchasing?

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